Saturday, June 20, 2015

Big 6.4 Offshore Concepcion, Chile Looks Like Earthquake Energy We've Been Watching For!!! MORE To Come!!! Now With UPDATED "Earthquake Minute" Transcript!!!

LINK To Newly Updated Transcript from Fridays "Earthquake Minute" with all the ad-libs and intros!!! At EQ Blog-3: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Well, I've continued to watch all the different earthquakes that have been striking all the different places and you may recall especially that I have said we would need to be watching Central and South America. Not much else has been going on besides all of the big windstorms that have been striking around Southern Mexico and therefore this here 6.4 that just struck offshore of Concepcion, Chile south of Santiago around 9pm Central Time my time has GOT to be directly related to all of this earthquake stuff that is going on and is certain to confirm there is A LOT of Major Shaking to come!!!

I discussed some of this in Fridays Earthquake Minute and will need to update all of the discussion that took place beyond the script, but for now Here's Fridays Earthquake Minute Transcript at EQ Blog-3: (Same as above) With reference to the "Quake Chase 2015: Palm Springs" Story. . . I've since checked and it is looking like July 10 through something like July 18, 19 or 20th and this shaker should have already happened by that time, if not I'll have to extend the alert. . . but not sure if I'll be able to extend the camping trip!

Quite a long felt report coming in from Chile with 25 from Concepcion alone and many from Bio-Bio, Chile. Not sure when the next time I will be posting at this EQ Blog will be. Hopefully I will get Sunday off if nothing too major shakes and also because it looks like the weather will be cooperating and I will be floating down a Wisconsin River in my newly repaired tube! Managed to locate a whole entire pint of that rubber glue that you fix patches in tubes with and should NOT have to worry about patching inner tubes for about the remainder of my life!!! Be Watching because there ARE Major Earthquakes on the way!!!!! EQ Guy

Much more earthquake stuff I wrote all about in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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