Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Big EQ Alert: Palm Springs, and Landers, California!!! Smaller EQ Alert: Provo, Utah!!! Major Aftershock: Kathmandu? Hurricane Blanca Now a Tropical Depression!!!

There's very little difference in the direction of Hurricane Blanca at landfall in Mexico. Well you can follow a straight line from the location just to the north of Cabo up into California around Palm Springs and Landers, then you can turn that line just to the north to reflect the fact that Blanca turned slightly to the north just after that landfall and you pretty much still come out at California!!! I suppose you could follow that second line after the turn and say Yellowstone, or Provo, Utah. . . but after Blanca made the turn they were no longer considering it to be a hurricane with winds in the 70 to 90 miles per hour range and therefore Provo would only be looking at a garden variety 4.9 to 5.5 Richters Earthquake and with few aftershocks due to Blanca quickly crossing the Baja California Peninsula and dissipating by early on Monday afternoon.

As far as the magnitude goes with all of this brand new upcoming possible Major Earthquake Energy, you may recall that I had posted a 7.3 for the potential Magnitude and now want to report that I have a note in front of me to reduce that to 6.6 with a question mark after it. Coincidentally there had also been a 6.2 Japan earthquake that sort of looks like it might be something already getting started here as of late Sunday Night or about the same exact time as this landfall was starting to take place. While Japan is not exactly along the straight line that we will be watching, such a shaker just in the same general vicinity is probably an indication that we do indeed have a serious amount of seismic energy happening here.

Finally, checking the globe with the straight-line tool shows that this brand new line of potential Major Earthquake Energy lines DIRECTLY up with Kathmandu!!! Whether we're talking about an upcoming 6.6 or 7.3 Richters Aftershock for those poor unfortunate folks this has about the same effect and can not be ignored. You could say it might even be about time for a major aftershock there anyways and just knowing there is 6.6 or 7.3 heading directly for them at best serves as a reminder. The line from Hurricane Blanca as it approached landfall and while heading in that Northwest or North Northwest direction while still at CAT-3 is the line that has Kathmandu out there in the distance and was preceded by all the Central America Earthquakes that you will recall me discussing BEFORE they were hit there! As usual there are even a few of you reading this who may have even noted that I mentioned Panama and Panama had a 4.8 the next day. . . well now be watching Kathmandu because any aftershock there will be notable since the shaking for them has virtually stopped as of a week or so ago and a Major Aftershock should be considered to become a reality at some point! Be Prepared Kathmandu, and California!!! EQ Guy

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