Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hurricane Blanca Due To Pass Over Socorro Island Early Saturday!!! WILL No Doubt Start Shaking California/Mexico!!!!! UPDATE: Now a CAT-3 With 130 Mph Winds!!! WATCH For 7.3 Richters!!!

The first signs that Hurricane Blanca is going to really be starting trouble will surely be showing up right away on Saturday as this (NOW a CAT-3) Hurricane with hundred mile an hour (NOW 130mph) winds and gusts just now updated to be at 150mph, rakes right over the top of that tiny island lying just offshore from the mainland of Mexico. We can expect to see a whole lot of immediate shaking right there especially along the shores of Mexico, Acapulco, and the Mexico City area as well as we should watch California, too! Of course there are a few other shaky spots that could get some of this most immediate new potential seismic activity such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, and Costa Rica. Maybe into South America, too! In any event as soon as Hurricane Blanca does make landfall all of those places could be the next Major Earthquake that the world will be talking about!!!

Here is the very latest Spaghetti showing where and what direction Hurricane Blanca will make landfall and you might notice on THIS Pic they are virtually ALL aiming at Southern California and a few aim at San Diego!!!!!
NOTE: There is also an update to that drawing with lines now extending into California, Arizona, and New Mexico, but with no changes in the general direction of this big windstorm.

There is also that one fact that we have just completed tracking what became a HUGE amount of earthquake energy from the landfall of Super Typhoon Pam at Vanuatu and Vanuatu was just a small island at the time, too! Is Socarro Island just another small island that could possibly generate anywhere near the amount of earthquake energy that was generated by Pam? So, while Cyclone Pam was a CAT-5, and Hurricane Blanca is a CAT-3 Updated, we can then at least reduce the size of the potential earthquake we are watching for. . . possibly from the 7.7 Range of Cyclone Pam to something more like a 6.8 Richters at landfall, but let's start watching all those places immediately just to be safe! NOTE: Due to this early Saturday Morning Update it is looking like that 6.8 is going to need to be "Updated" as well, to about a 7.3 and I will update that when Hurricane Blanca updates come in later today.

Friday was the first time my Earthquake Minute actually occurred during one of our "Pledge Drives"
Here is the link to the transcript from Fridays Earthquake Minute:

Finally, we are looking at possibly the next "Triple Crown" Winner!!! Haven't actually known a winner in that Horse Racing Series since I was in High School, and have to plead guilty of being rather excited about this race which will take place just after 5pm Central Time today!!! Kind of thinking of all the years that have passed since Affirmed won all three races and Secretariat before that. . . and how much overdue we are for a winner!!!!!

Sorry there have to now be this whole new batch of Major Earthquakes coming!!! Start watching all those places for updated 7.3 Richters because these are now the only Major Earthquakes that we should be expecting to strike!!! Be Prepared Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Mexico, and Etc.!!!!! EQ Guy

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