Friday, June 5, 2015

Hurricane Blanca WILL Strengthen Before Landfall at Tip of Baja California Peninsula This Weekend!!! WATCH For Some Immediate Major Shaking!!! California?

At this point in the game I have to admit that I'm not exactly sure if the name of this Hurricane is Blanca with an "O" or Blanca with an "A" because I seem to have now seen both. Most recently being called "Blanca" which I might have thought it should have been called in the first place since it is the word for white in some other language, but "Blanca" might also be a word for that in yet other languages since all of those languages have their little variations. Just notice different sources have been using BOTH spellings!!!

Along the same lines is the fact that this Hurricane is holding on strong albeit with some slight variations it remains at 100 miles per hour wind speeds and they are now talking about Blanca getting stronger as it approaches the far Southern Tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

Looks like at this point there is NO QUESTION it is going to become the brand new source of some Major Earthquake Energy and it is very likely this will come to affect California, Los Angeles, and San Francisco!!!

Here is the very latest "Spaghetti" forecast for Hurricane Blanca:

With that landfall being forecast for Sunday, there will be updates to come over this weekend and of course my best readers already know that there could be some immediate shaking at a lot of the places closest to the landfall such as there was already a 4.6 that struck right there in the middle of the Gulf of Baja California between La Paz and the Mainland as Hurricane Andres passed off to the west earlier in the week.

This landfall will certainly produce all of that and likely MORE!!! Watch this weekend as all those things start happening!!!!! EQ Guy

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