Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hurricane Blanca Now a CAT-4!!! Looking MORE Like a Threat For California, Too!!! WATCH Los Angeles, and San Francisco NOW!!!

There's been a couple of updates now on what's going on with Hurricane Blanca in the East Pacific just off the shore of Southern Mexico. First, I just now heard almost at press time for todays EQ Blog that it has been upgraded to a CAT-4 and have not heard what those windspeeds are. Second, it looks like the "Spaghetti" has changed, too, with the now startling information that it is practically ALL pointed towards the most heavilly populated parts of California!!!!! Here's that now apparently updated ilustration courtesy of a weather service:

Finally along the lines of some of the other Hurricane related activities that have also struck around that same region I found a brand new and very major correlation that I think you all are going to want to see!!! What I found was a hurricane by the name of Hurricane Kiko!!! I know, wasn't lost certainly, but the really big thing about this one is the date!!! August 25, 1989!!! Didn't even have to begin counting on my fingers to already have this one all figured out, either! Landfall of Hurricane Kiko at the Gulf of Baja California on August 25, Big World Series Earthquake San Francisco October 17, 1989 or what I might today refer to as Day 52. Of course there was that landfall of Hurricane Hugo at Charleston in there between those dates and up to this point the sole major source of potential Major Seismic Energy that I've always been concerned with. Point here is that it has quite a similar look to this here Hurricane Blanca headed in that direction right now!!! EQ Guy

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