Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6.3 Richters Strikes Offshore Japan! Looks Like LOTS of Earthquakes Have Followed Hurricanes at Baja California!!!

Been doing some checking and came up with the entire list of Major Hurricanes that have made landfall at the Baja California Peninsula from 1949 to about the year 2000 I believe was the dates on this list from Wikipedia. So, starting out at the 1940's there were many, many great correlations that I may run all through in the coming blogs, for right now I discovered one worth mentioning in the time I have to write before heading to work.

The year was 1954 and it was the landfall of what was at that time then known as "Hurricane 3" at Baja California on July 15, 1954 which was rated a CAT-1. First check out the illustration of that landfall and now without further adieu, here is a copy of the pic of that landfall as borrowed from Wikipedia:

While all of the others up to this point on the list furnished quick and clean explanations for their Major Earthquake Resultants, Hurricane 3 as it was called on that list did not appear to lead directly to any Major Earthquakes worth mentioning. In coming blogs of course I will go all through the list since it is currently thee most important discussion around due to California being directly in line for something potentially dangerous to shake.

August 24, 1954 a 6.8 Richters earthquake struck at Stillwater, Nevada near Fallon and just to the south of Reno maybe fifty or a hundred miles. This earthquake as you might be able to see on the map above was clearly on almost a DIRECT LINE across Nevada, but brings to mind yet another rule of earthquake tracking! Yes, there just so happened to already be a virtually brand-new reservoir at the epicenter! Today we take for granted the correlation with filling of new reservoirs and Major Earthquakes, but this series of events brings to the forefront the fact that filling alone is PROBABLY NOT all it takes to produce reservoir related earthquakes. It appears to also require a SOURCE of Major Earthquake Energy! In this case as well as a July 6 foreshock there of 6.6, they were both preceded by Huge Windstorms!!! The initial July 6, 1954 Earthquake was preceded by landfall of Hurricane Alice at Southern Texas on or about June 25, 1954 with 100 Mph winds on what would today be Day 10 or 11 before the first 6.6 Richters Fallon, Nevada Earthquake. Then, Hurricane 3 strikes Baja California on July 15, 1954 and on August 24, 1954 or Day 39 the 6.8 Nevada Earthquake. I know correlation with reservoirs is off-subject from Hurricanes making landfall at Baja California, but still itself a dangerous subject that I continue to research and today made THAT discovery!

Finally, that 6.3 Richters Japan of 7am Tuesday Morning Central time, is still a lot of earthquake energy in and of itself and so let us now continue to especially watch California, Los Angeles, desert region, Frisco, and Nepal for earthquakes because I will continue to try and prove that there IS a Major Earthquake Coming for those regions!!! EQ Guy

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