Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hurricane Bill Made Very Powerful Landfall At Texas And Will Contribute To All The Major Earthquake Energy We're Currently Watching For!!! NOW Updated!!!

UPDATE: Tropical Storm Bill continues on!!! Looks like Hurricane Carlos is continuing on, too! As a 7.0 Shakes at Mid-Atlantic!!! ALSO: Swarm Reported at Kathmandu, Nepal. NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Well, not all that big of a landfall, just looks like it must have been pretty bad in the clip that I just looked at showing it make landfall at Texas and continue to rotate inland. Probably not going to contribute all that much additional earthquake energy to all that is currently going on since we are already currently looking at that much bigger landfall of Hurricane Blanca at Baja California Sur on June 6, and Bill was NOT actually even a hurricane nor do I believe it EVER was a hurricane, albeit a Tropical Storm! I should probably go back and change all the entries in which I called it a Hurricane, but note that my reasoning behind that self-designation is primarily related to simplicity, without regard for ACTUAL wind speeds and in fact I do not even have any wind speeds on Tropical Storm Bill beyond yesterdays 50 mile per hour.

So, I am just now gathering the sum total of all the earthquakes that seem to have shook around the Los Angeles/Southern California Region yesterday so far, and that list includes a 2.6 Offshore Santa Barbara with a felt report from Los Angeles, a 2.2 east of Taft and Northwest of Grapevine, and finally a 2.7 a couple miles north of Carson and 3 miles south of Compton very near Downtown L.A.!!! The Compton Earthquake was felt in Huntington Beach, Carlsbad, and San Diego! Can you believe the felt report from that South L.A. Earthquake just now came in from Earthquake Central as I was writing this EQ Blog Entry!!! You can see it now @

There was a couple recent earthquakes that have struck up there in that area of Canada towards Yukon, but still not so nearly populated and probably north yet of Alberta. There was also a significant 4.3 that struck right there in the middle of the Gulf of Baja California right in between the peninsula and the mainland, exactly where Hurricane Carlos had been expected to be running before it began to loose strength on Tuesday. Carlos now looks like it is not going to continue on as a hurricane too far into Wednesday and will probably not be running to far up into the Gulf there. Meanwhile there have also now been a couple more Kathmandu, Nepal Earthquakes from that region anyways:

4.4 18km NNW of Chongdui, China 2015-06-16 21:15:13
4.3 18km N of Kathmandu, Nepal 2015-06-16 19:30:00
3.8 4km NNW of Kirtipur, Nepal 2015-06-16 19:13:20

You're up to date on all of Tuesdays Earthquake info as far as I have came across and I will as is usual these days, be back writing as soon as there is something important enough for me to write you! Until then watch Los Angeles for something major to shake!!! EQ Guy

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