Monday, June 8, 2015

Here's The Landfall of Hurricane Blanca at Mexico!!! LOTS of Earthquakes Already Shaking!!! WATCH For a 7.3 For California Being One Of Them!!!!!

If there is anybody else watching as Hurricane Blanca is making landfall at the Southern Tip of the Baja California Peninsula, you might not be aware and so I want to say right now that we are by far the most concerned with what the wind speed was in the hours before the spinning windstorm began its contact with Mexico. Just now having gone all through the latest information and checking out the current windspeeds and observing the film clips of the satellite views as Blanca is actually now making landfall looks in every way similar to all of the other of the biggest windstorms of all time making their landfall and regardless of the fact that they're now calling it a "Tropical Storm" due to reduced wind speeds, Blanca remains a very serious windstorm!!!

From memory, it seems we were last talking about Hurricane Blanca at CAT-3 with wind speeds of something like 130 and then downgraded to 120 at some point in the most recent 24 or 48 hours or so. All of the pictures that I have seen since that time concern this huge windstorm having already made at least some contact with land and there have even been a lot of the earthquakes that I even initially described in the very latest EQ Blogs of late last week including several in Central America such as Panama at maybe 4.7 or 4.8 Richters.

Today there is a 5.0 Ecuador, 5.0 Argentina, and a 4.8 Peru to add to the above list as the movement from Hurricane Blanca's landfall continues into South America and will surely be continuing into North America, too. It will be too soon as I am writing this, to give out all of the most exact tracking information as to where it looks like this windstorm might be sending a whole lot of Major Earthquake Energy to, but I am pretty sure that there will be enough earthquakes coming following this landfall in addition to the ones shaking now, that we will be talking about into the future and watching for as well as some folks will be needing to prepare for.

The final windspeeds we might want to discuss for this landfall could be something like 120 with gusts of something like say 140 and that there is about what the wind was at the moment Blanca raked over Socorro Island and at about the same time the outer bands started running up and down the Mexican Coast, too. All this is pretty much the interaction we watched for while Hurricane Blanca was still out to sea last week and it will also be the basis for a lot of future alerts as well as the basic cause of all the earthquakes that are now already striking all of those areas. There will be plenty more to follow and for right now I want to maintain the maximum we should watch for at a 7.3 Richters and earthquakes of any size up to 7.3 could strike at any of those places immediately as the landfall of Blanca continues at Baja California!!! EQ Guy

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