Friday, May 30, 2014

1.8 Richters At Whittier, California, End of May New Moon Window!!! Now Add Oklahoma to Alerts, Too!!! UPDATE: 4.3 California Shaker!!!

7:27am PDT Update=4.3 downgraded to 4.0 struck Northeast of Yosemite Park near border with Nevada overnight. Felt Report @ NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Yes, it was actually one of the more exciting New Moon Windows, too! Not that often we get struck with anything quite as big as that 5.8 that struck Dominican Republic just 2 hours after the exact moment of the May 2014 New Moon and the exact moment of it, too! Most certainly had at least something to do with that added pull situated out there in the middle of the Caribbean Sea as they sort of are. Coincidentally one of the stars of the NBC-TV Series "Chicago Fire" had just so happened to be visiting at Dominican Republic but appears to have returned to Chicago just hours before this earthquake struck there. HERE'S That "Tweet". . .Monica Raymund @monicaraymund, May 24, "LAX->SantoDomingo #VisitingMamaAndMyCultre A Bailar!! Me encanta mi pais xoxo" AND Link to another Great One@

Probably by far the biggest Thursday news was the 1.8 Richter Earthquake that struck practically downtown Whittier and just over 2000 feet from the intersection of Whittier Avenue and Colima Road!!! So close to the Shakey's Pizza right there on the corner of Whittier and Washington that you could almost call this the "Shakey's Shaker"!!! Another small earthquake struck right at about the northern most part of the Grand Canyon and so close that it actually brought me out on a road that I thought looked sort of familiar and a check revealed it was! Yes, just a few miles from a town by the name of Cammeron or the point where you travel north from Flagstaff or south to Flagstaff and come right out at the truck stop at I-40. Intersection of the road that takes you west from there to the Grand Canyon, too! On this occasion I checked to find that it is also the road to the North Rim of Grand Canyon and crosses past "Pipe Spring" National Monument. The North Rim remains on my own personal list of places I'd yet like to check out, and you can now add that National Monument, too! That earthquake appeared to otherwise just be a sign that eventually the Grand Canyon will be a lot more Grand and probably widen all the way up into Utah and Colorado someday. . . one tiny earthquake at a time if you can imagine that!

Hurricane Amanda did make landfall at Clarion Island and winds were 155, just a matter of how much of that energy was lost due to the water getting much shallower near the landfall. . . and how much of the energy was lost due to colder water which possibly would not even matter quite as much, or would it? Therefore let us watch along the shores of the coast of Mexico for some sign that there might be earthquake energy coming from that landfall and then Oklahoma for their next major, or probably 5 Magnitude Earthquake which might now strike in the coming days and hours.

New Moon Window ended, but at least the one final alert for California will run a few more days, yet and with the addition of that small amount of possibly earthquake energy for Oklahoma and Chicago we now have at least a couple smaller earthquakes to watch for! The possiblility of at least one bigger one will continue but while it does seem to have gone beyond the days when the Landers Earthquake struck, we will still need to wait until into June for the biggest of alerts to run their course so keep watching!!! EQ Guy

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