Friday, May 16, 2014

Full Moon Window Ends. . . . . But There Will Still Be Earthquakes Out There A While

I noticed it immediately when there was a 3.1 Missouri, then I automatically click on it to see exactly what part of Missouri it struck knowing it could well have been more over towards the center of the state where a lot of them have been striking. What was really unusual about this 3.1 was that I then saw Popular Bluff on the map and could hardly believe it when I noticed this 3.1 was just 25 miles west of beautiful downtown New Madrid! You might not think that was all that unusual, but a 3.1 is just a little bit bigger than their usual 2 and 2.1 or 2.2 sized shakers that are a lot more normal in that region. So, just out of precaution let us watch New Madrid a little while for more shaking and possibly something bigger, too! All totaled, this one struck 3 hours, 35 minutes before the end of the May 2014 Full Moon Window and well within that window, too!

There was also a 1.6 at Malibu, and a 1.9 at Bodega Bay and just this moment as I am writing this EQ Blog I just seen a 2.3 that struck 6 miles Northeast of San Simeon, California, and 25 miles West Northwest of Paso Robles or probably very near the epicenter of the great San Simeon/Paso Robles Earthquake of 2003 or at least it sounds like it by that description although I did not go and double-check the location for the purposes of saying that there.

So, the sum total for tonight albeit with the full moon now brightly over head is that I just notice Hokkaido, Japan on the list for possible upcoming earthquakes with May 13 being Day 33 after the landfall of that big Tropical Cyclone at Queensland, Australia on April 10-11, 2014 and so while my notes say there was a 7.9 at Solomon Islands that might have been a lot of that earthquake energy we should still watch a few more days, anyways, with June 1 being the end date for both of those major Tropical Cyclone EQ Alerts. At which time we will then start to be more concerned about the Beaufort County, North Carolina and Mayflower, Missouri Tornadoes of April 25 and April 27, 2014 since all that potential earthquake energy will next be running through June 17, with May 27 being Day 31 after all that activity that went along with the day of the Mayflower, Missouri Tornado. My notes say one of them registered one-hour on the ground and I have EF-4 written in on my "Hurricane-Typhoon-Cyclone, ETC." sheet. Tornadoes have preceded some fairly major earthquakes and my most recent and about my best was the result of following the "Path on the Ground" of the El Reno, Oklahoma tornado and coming out at Antiqua/Barbuda Islands. . . . . of course followed just a few days by Antiqua/Barbuda Earthquakes!!!

Coming up tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it, is the opening day of new movie, GODZILLA!!! Just a matter of what theater I go to! The one with those new reclining loungers, or the one with all the free refills on popcorn and soda pop!!! Then, I have already made a note to review the movie in this weeks Podcast later tomorrow, too! Also, a brand new "Epilogue" to my book Bringing Earthquakes To Life is now officially on its way and it is just a matter of figuring out how to update the version that you can see right now anytime at: Thank-You for all the views at my book, too, and the script for my 2014 EQ Radio Show is coming along good, too, so let me know if you have a great story you would like on the air or record the story and send it to me! My latest idea is I might like somebody to tell some of the story in Spanish, too! So if you have a great earthquake story you would like to tell in Spanish, send that along, too! I will gladly work all of that into this years EQ Radio Show!!!

Still a few earthquakes out there, so keep watching!!! EQ Guy

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