Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Exact Moment of Full Moon Will Be at 12:19pm Pacific Time on Wednesday!!! Who Will Get Full Moon Earthquakes?

While the exact moment of the May, 2014 Full Moon will actually be at 19:19 Universal Time or Greenwich Time, it will be exactly the full moon at 12:19pm Pacific Time, although the moon will be on the other side of the earth at that exact moment so I am not sure what effect that phenomenon might have on the whole concept of added pull from the fullness of the moon there.

Now I know this next one went through that usual business of originally being over a 7 Magnitude Earthquake. . . . . and eventually after apparently many, many in this case downgrades it is hardly the recognizable earthquake that it was originally when the first message arrived at my E-Mail early on Tuesday. It seems to me it was originally something huge like a 7.5 or 7.2 and probably before it was all said and done it is now the same one we were talking about only NOW it is the 6.5 Richters Earthquake that struck like 67 Miles Offshore and south of Panama but with a fairly huge amount of felt reports that you can see right now at Earthquake Central @ NOPE, just checked my USGS E-Mail and actually found it was originally or as far as I can see it was originally a 7.2 and then next it was downgraded to a 6.8!!!!! IF it was then changed to a 6.5 as it is currently listed then nobody notified me. AND that is actually even kind of unusual that I did not get every single time they downgraded it or whatever an E-Mail or like ten or twenty of them if that is how many times they downgraded or perhaps even upgraded and then downgraded and then upgraded and then possibly upgraded. . . before finally downgrading it. Because we do know for sure it certainly has been downgraded and we know that for sure. What we do not seem to know is how it went from a 7.2 to a 6.8 and how it then ended up being now apparently a 6.5 you could say mysteriously. I suppose there will be more about the USGS downgrading earthquake magnitudes in future EQ Blogs, so let's move on. . .

So, it won't be real difficult today to remember the exact moment of the full moon will be at 12:19pm Pacific Time and that the full moon window will run all the way through Wednesday and most of Thursday and that due to so much stuff going on with earthquakes there will almost certainly be lots of earthquakes happening and as usual I am sort of watching the list of the latest earthquakes at every moment I can to make sure this EQ Blog is kept updated! I am lately getting more and more concerned about the fact that I have been forced to update a lot of blogs due to Major Earthquakes happening in the moments immediately following a blog going to press. When I have to update, I lose the original EQ Blog that I spent a lot of time carefully writing and am then looking at an updated version. . . while never actually having been able to keep a copy of the original for myself due to it then being changed to a sometimes altogether different version. So, I will update this one in the coming hours some how, usually by typing in just the facts that are immediately known about whatever new earthquake strikes and this here part will not change at all, nor even be touched. Enough said now about that there, too!

Places where there might be Full Moon related earthquakes in the coming hours include Richmond, NY/NJ, in fact there was just a small New York Earthquake yesterday, and other places Oklahoma, New Madrid and we will need to watch Los Angeles and especially since Wednesday will be Day-43 after the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Hellen at Madagascar! Might not mean that much except for the fact that the straight line leads directly to San Fernando and Tijuana! Earthquake Energy that is!!! Be Watching, and Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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