Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Alert For San Fernando and Tijuana Nears End on May 23, 2014. . . But There Are Still Other Alerts, Too!

Of course by far the biggest and most earth shaking news today is the fact that Sir Paul McCartney has now canceled his entire Japan Tour!!! The latest is that he is hold up in a Japan Hotel and arrived there from a short break in London after a South America Tour. I was not clear on if Paul was in perfect health upon his arrival at Tokyo, but having had some time to think this through. . . am now wondering if the air and all the radioactive fallout in the Tokyo area might have sickened Paul? If so, it would probably be best for him not to stay hold up in a hotel in Tokyo due to the ventilation systems in hotels not being of too much help in such a situation and such ventilation systems themselves even getting some of the blame for such an illness! So, here's another Get Well Wish to Sir Paul. . . and a warning that there could be a high amount of radiation around that area, too!

Now the big news for today!!! For those of you watching and waiting for that San Fernando/Tijuana Earthquake that I have written all about over and over and posted the Official Prediction, it will be running its course in just the coming days, but it is not over yet!!! Here is one last link to that Official Prediction for something to happen before May 23, then I will tell you what happened in this window of plate tectonic movement! Here's the LINK: . . . NOW, it is my understanding that in the middle of this alert, that it was probably all the shaking at Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands where upwards of an 8 Magnitude Earthquake as well as many others shook that region for quite some time, while this same line of Major Earthquake Energy crossed almost that same exact region one its way to a straight line across San Fernando and Tijuana. This Major Shaking where it crossed that extremely shaky tectonic plate boundary and if we do not witness any more additional shaking, would then have been the sum total of all the earthquake energy in this Official Prediction and it is possible none of it crossed the Pacific.

On the other hand we will still need to wait on the alert for Hokkaido, Japan that doesn't run out until June 1, 2014 and was probably also the culprit in all the circular movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate or the Chile, Nicaragua, Mexico, Vancouver Island, and Anchorage Earthquakes, with one or two more as the movement continued and still continues somewhat if you are watching that tectonic plate very closely. So, May 23, 2014 or the final day of the San Fernando Alert will now also be Day 43 of the other alert and my notes actually say Solomon Islands, 7.9 Richters so there may not have been an actual 8 Richters Earthquake out there, but my internet (and TV) have temporarily shut down as I am writing this, so I will update that Magnitude at some point during the day!

Updates on those other EQ Alerts tomorrow!!! For now Thank-You Again for Reading and Get Well Paul McCartney!!!!! Sincerely, The EQ Guy

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