Friday, May 23, 2014

Paul McCartney Now Reported To Be Hospitalized In Tokyo!!! Korea Show On May 28 Canceled!!!

Checking all things earthquake in the final moments before writing todays EQ Blog. . . it occurred to me I should probably check on the latest Paul McCartney stuff and was very surprised to find that Sir Paul has now been hospitalized and still in Tokyo!!! Also as of late yesterday canceled his concert somewhere in South Korea which was not even until next Wednesday, May 28! Set me wondering how whomever was in charge over there in that region could have already known Paul would not be doing a show all the way next Wednesday? Thought he might well have already just simply been headed for home or already recuperating somewhere over in England.

In this vid he is shown ARRIVING in Tokyo and looks EXCELLENT!!! Before he came down with "Tokyo Sickness":((( I wonder if it is from all the Radiation or Radioactive Fallout??? Radiation Sickness???

Here is a link to the story where I am getting a lot of my information: THIS article by far the best of all of them from just the last few hours before my own press time for this EQ Blog, goes on into details of Pauls life and almost sounds like it is beginning to eulogize him!!! It is courtesy of Reuters and is a great article just the same!

My own very best memory of Paul was just another Paul McCartney concert on this occasion the old County Stadium in Milwaukee one particular day when we had a lot of rain! The location of my seat like somewhere in the second section out there in the middle of like the outfield was probably I'll guess JJ or KK of the second section back from the front row of sections. . . . . that was until it really started to pour!!! Yes, you guessed it, virtually EVERYBODY immediately headed for cover allowing me to casually move up a few rows at a time until eventually I was watching Paul play his guitar in his hawaiian shirt from like Row-3, and then only because it was actually the BEST view of Sir Paul with the next few closer rows not being as great an angel or view if you know what I mean! I don't recall how much of that show I took in from that Row-3 seat there all alone that night, but I admit to having some Great Memories of songs such as "Let It Be" when he eventually moved over to the piano still just a few feet from me!!!

Perhaps more Sir Paul stories in the future, but for now I will leave you with the fact that all of those small earthquakes yesterday that were striking almost the exact epicenters of those Major Historical Earthquakes! Just sayin' they could be telling us there might be another big shaker at any of those spots. . . or that particular movement of the tectonic plate could be identical to the small earthquakes that might have also preceded some of those historical major shakers and we can only guess if it will happen again. Then, next time perhaps know for sure! Thank-You Again For Reading and Get Well, Paul McCartney!!! EQ Guy

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