Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hurricane Amanda Will Strike Clarion and Socorro Islands and New Moon Window Starts on Tuesday!!! ALSO: New EQ V-Log!!!

The combination of that huge Pacific Hurricane and the added pull of the May 2014 New Moon are sure to cause some shaking! Possibly Mexico and possibly California/West Coast!!! I discuss all that in New EQ V-Log, CLICK Arrow:

The latest info as of the posting of todays EQ Blog and subject to change throughout Tuesday is that the storm was located at 13.7 North, 111.9 West and I discovered while checking for islands in that region Socorro Island at 18 North, 110 West and Clarion Island at 18 and 114 or both located at 18 North just a few degrees north of probably the eye of that huge storm that I just noticed on the TV the outer bands reaching almost up to Ensenada and so surely this storm has outer bands strikiing both of those islands as well as plenty of other shallow waters! Exactly what I look for when trying to figure out where the next Major Earthquake might strike!

Additionally the May 2014 New Moon will be on May 28, but the New Moon Window will begin on Tuesday at 11:43am Pacific Time, therefore there will now be a huge hurricane in the Pacific making landfall at albeit small islands right at also the moment or occasion of the New Moon and especially on Wednesday, but starting almost immediately you could say!

There is still at least one other alert that will continue to run to June 1, as well as the other which will cover California in case of a duplicate of the Landers Earthquake of which it had looked like a lot of small foreshocks. now through June 15/June 17 and I will update that whole discussion this week in case there is still active earthquake energy from it out there!!!

Hope everybody had a good Memorial Day Weekend!!! I spent some time putting the finishing touches on my Brand New Upcoming "2014 EQ Radio Show" and as of this writing am now FINISHED with the Final Draft of that show!!! Also finished the most recent update of my new book with a link to that at the end of this blog! Thank-You Again Everybody for Reading!!! EQ Guy

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