Thursday, May 8, 2014

3.3 Richters Strikes Heavily Populated South Los Angeles Neighborhood!!!!! MORE Coming!!!? NOW With Felt Report IN!!! UPDATE: 6.8 100 Miles South of Mexico City!!!

I'm going to add this update that a 6.8 struck Mexico about 100 Miles south of Mexico City around Noon Central Time, Felt Report Now IN: Complete Update Coming Soon! Be Watching For More Earthquakes!!! There's Earthquake Energy out there!!! EQ Guy

As I said in yesterdays EQ Blog right here, there is still that one Official Prediction for San Fernando and Tijuana which basically intersected the San Fernando Valley. Todays EQ Blog was originally supposed to be about just that!!! The top of my list on todays subjects is to ask if the now upcoming Major Earthquake is for Los Angeles. . . and just this exact moment as I was writing a 3.3 has now just struck at the middle of a small portion of the major metropolis of Los Angeles!!! I just so happened to have worked at the glass plant in this neighborhood and spent many evenings at the El Polo Loco store just about at the epicenter of this one at Slauson and Atlantic Avenues!!! This earthquake would have struck at 10:39pm Pacific Time last night.

HERE Is The Felt Report in as of 7am Pacific Time: THE Epicenter of this 3.3 is located exactly between Atlantic and Florence/and Atlantic and Firestone and the vast majority of felt reports have come from Norwalk, Bell, and Bellflower all cities that border this epicenter!!!

This could be it! Something huge could shake there at any moment, now! Check out that recent Amendment of Official Prediction all about Los Angeles at

In the coming hours and especially the early hours of dawn or sunrise around the Los Angeles Region we should now be watching for all of the Major Earthquake Energy from this recent above O.P. to possibly become a reality!!! Just sayin' there is a lot of earthquake energy out there and the straight line did intersect that region so it could become the epicenter and it is also going to be passing through up around the San Andreas Fault in the coming moments, too! Lancaster, Palmdale, Wrightwood, San Bernardino, La Habra, and Salton Sea Area!!! Maybe Las Vegas, too!!!

Be Watching for a Major Earthquake and Be Prepared!!! God Bless!!! EQ Guy

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