Thursday, May 1, 2014

Updates on Everything!!! PLUS, 2014 "EQ Radio Show" Officially ON For July 7, 2014!!!!!

Here's that update I've been promising! First, of course we know we will be watching Anchorage and Alaska for a few more days and the Official Prediction will run until May 10, 2014 although I do not expect to have to wait that long for the earthquake energy to show up in that region! AND it will probably still be around 8 Richters with the range I've been giving something like 6.6. to 8.9 Richters so probably in that range and hopefully not anywhere near populations up in that area. I also went out ahead of it to check where it would theoretically intersect in the event that it did contact up there and continue on in a straight line and came up with Nepal, Maldives, and Mauritius for places that can also shake far beyond Alaska for whomever will be effected by that alert. Also stumbled across the landfall of Typhoon Karen at Guam in 1962 at CAT-5 that practically leveled the whole entire island and must have been a pretty bad experience out on the small island back in those days. Reason I was there was due to checking for Typhoons that might have preceded the August 1952 Tehachapi Earthquake. . . but more about that later.

Right now the big news is that I have as of now been officially put on the schedule for July 7, 2014 for the 2014 EQ Radio Show for those of you who tuned in last year and listened to my 2013 EQ Radio Show back on Sept. 30 this years show is already in the early stages of writing!!! Not sure if I will have all the live news coverage of past earthquakes or how much of that I will be able to gather between now and then, but also want to ask all of you who have heard about earthquakes HERE FIRST!!! Please feel free to tell your story on "Sound Recorder" or any voice record format and E-Mail to me at and I will play your comments on my show!!! Also an open invite to just about any of you to attend in person just let me know you can be in person for that interview or even give or take a day or a week we can pre-record your interview at just about anytime between now and July 7!!!

I noticed today that Day 30 after the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Hellen at Madagascar is coming up and want to mention we should still watch around the San Fernando Valley and Tijuana because there could still be some shaking there! Although when all the dust settles we will also be able to say PNG and Solomon Islands must have gotten all the earthquake energy from that one by being situated along the tectonic plate boundary between the Indio/Australian and Pacific Tectonic Plates. . . but since it isn't over yet we need to keep watching!!!

The straight line from pic of a line of tornadoes that crossed just to the north of Little Rock heads directly to Washington, DC and Richmond after crossing directly through the New Madrid Area where Hicksville, Kentucky just shook early Wednesday and continues to Baja California, Mexico where there was once a Major Earthquake headed and since it was not projected to affect Los Angeles I naturally skipped over it instead of submitting it to CEPEC. That was when the now famous 7.2 Easter Sunday Baja California Earthquake struck and shook Southern California, Los Angeles, and San Diego a good one!!! Sooooooooo, with this one also headed in that same direction and away from L.A. this time let us be watching! You are Up-To-Date!!! Thank-You Again for Reading!!! EQ Guy

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