Tuesday, May 6, 2014

LOOKS Like Pacific Tectonic Plate DID Move Exactly As I Said It Might!!!!! WATCH For More at Alaska, Etc.!!!!!

Up to this point we have accurately tracked that movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate and have now been right several times in guessing exactly what direction and when the major movements of that Tectonic Plate are about to happen. First at Chile where they got an 8.2, and then Nicaragua at 6.6, and Mexico at 7.5 Richters shaker there. Finally Vancouver and it occurred to me to write all about all that in todays EQ Blog since we more or less knew Alaska would be next!!! So here is a link to that now Great Official Prediction that followed. . . for Anchorage, and Alaska!!! @ http://earthquakealert2.blogspot.com/2014/04/official-prediction-for-anchorage.html

I wrote many times about Anchorage and Alaska while waiting for them to be the next spot along the edge of the Pacific to get a Major Earthquake and am now today thinking along the lines that all the shaking they are now getting might be the sum total of all that is left of that movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate in the series we watched since all the way back in early April of 2014. Of course we will still have to watch Alaska for a while yet in the event there is still something left of all that earthquake energy that led up to the 4.7 late yesterday with over 250 felt reports from Anchorage alone! Trying to figure out if 250 simply just means everybody in Anchorage felt that one!!!

Well, if you have read my EQ Blog often enough then you already knew there was going to be some shaking going on up in Alaska, and there was two more at 4.5 that rang my phone in the middle of the night Sunday Night, too, and am sorry that up to this point I always feel it necessary to point it out myself that I got it right!!! Or appear to have at best! With the possible exception being not certain if it will continue to move in such a manner such as Thailand, Tonga, and Japan have now all gotten more Major Earthquakes in the hours following Alaska which could mean the Pacific is continuing to move. That and the fact that there still are not the precision measuring devices located at points all around the Pacific Tectonic Plate that could right now tell us exactly which way and how far the tectonic plate has moved or is moving. Therefore my work may still be considered to be mere scientific assertions. . . just that they appear to be correct if you don't mind me saying so myself!

Keep watching some other places for more earthquakes now as well due to there still being at least a few good valid alerts out for other places around the world including Richmond, WDC, NY/NJ, New Madrid, Oklahoma, and San Fernando/Tijuana Region. More Earthquakes could still shake at any moment and Anchorage and/or Alaska could still shake as big as 7.9 before this is all over, too!!! AND Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

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