Friday, May 2, 2014

Chile, Nicaragua, Mexico, Vancouver. . . . . Alaska??? SHOULD Be Coming Soon!!!!! Say 7.9 Richters!!! Just In: 4.9 Alaska!!! ADDED: EQ Podcast!!!

Just In as this EQ Blog was literally going to press a 4.9 Struck out in the Alaska Islands 1021 Miles West of Anchorage so keep watching for Major Earthquakes up that way!!!

Here's the pic from those tornadoes that struck Arkansas and Missouri on April 27:
So, at the top of this line are some cities along the East Coast that should now be watching for earth- quakes in- cluding Wash- ington, DC, Richmond, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. In the wake of this line is Ensenada and Mexicali, Mexico, although L.A. will need to be watching now beyond the end date on the current O.P.

I studied the table today and came up with the final numbers as to exactly WHEN the Anchorage/Alaska Earthquake could strike and matched the Day-10, and Day-11 after 8.2 Chile on which the Nicaragua Earthquakes struck with the most recent earthquake in the Pacific series. Came out at Day-9, of which none of the earthquakes matched up with, as May 1. Further, Day-10 will fall on May 2, 2014 and Day-11 will be here on May 3, 2014.

I have also taken the time to review all of the distances between each of them as well as the magnitudes and came up with the fact that 8.2 was big! The combination of 6.1 and 6.6 at Nicaragua equals a huge amount, and more than just the 6.1 or 6.6 alone and probably boosting the total at that location to something closer to the 8.2 at Chile, although I do not know the mathamatical formula to calculate that one. Finally the 7.5 at Mexico although downgraded to a 7.2 was also big. . . but the fact that it was downgraded leaves me wondering if it wasn't a bigger earthquake and what the exact reason the number was downgraded was. Especially since the Vancouver 6.6 shows the amount of earthquake energy dropping, that is if Mexico was the smaller downgraded number of 7.2 in which case 6.6 Vancouver might not be that much smaller.

This leaves Alaska and with the two combined Nicaragua Earthquakes and the 8.2 at Chile, I've decided we should try to pin the Anchorage or Alaska Earthquake down to about a 7.9 Richters Earthquake. Friday or Saturday will be the final two days that will correlate with the other Major Earthquakes in the Pacific Tectonic Plate series, but I will update in the event that Alaska hasn't yet shaken by this coming Saturday Night at MIDNIGHT!!!!! Coincidentally I will be watching the Kentucky Derby on that date, too, and in addition to betting on the derby. . . I am betting on this Major Alaska Earthquake also shaking probably before the 9th Race at Churchill Downs or The Kentucky Derby!!! If not before the derby on Saturday, then in the hours immediately after the winning horse crosses the finish line at Louisville!!! So, as of this writing it looks like horse #21-Pablo Del Monte at 50-1, just sayin' and as far as that earthquake striking???

Continue to watch Anchorage and Alaska where they should be shaking about any minute, now or the next couple days and also the San Fernando, La Habra, Tijuana Region as well as now the East Coast Cities mentioned above!!! Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

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