Saturday, May 31, 2014

3.8 Richters Strikes Just Offshore From Long Beach!!!!! HUGE Felt Report From All Over Southern California!!! NOW Watch for 6.3 or 6.4 Richters!!! UPDATE: 6.2 Offshore Mexico!!!

UPDATE: 6.2 Richters Earthquake struck 225 Miles Due East of Clarion Island at 4:53am, exact spot of landfall of Hurricane Amanda this week!!! NOW WATCH For Earthquake discussed in Todays EQ Blog!!! (Written Earlier) Now Todays EQ Blog:

I especially noticed that this one was felt all the way up at Northridge!!! As well as Sherman Oaks, Encino, Beverly Hills, and Riverside! Lots of those places could have critical movements of even the smallish fault lines that could be the next Major California Earthquake at any second!!! Here is that Felt Report from the 3.8 Richters Shaker at San Pedro/Palos Verdes, California at around 8pm Pacific Time on Friday Evening:

Keep in mind that while there are still a few alerts that are in effect for that area. . . nothing is too much bigger than about a 7 Richters, so therefore the biggest shaker I might expect to strike any of those epicenters in the coming hours or days might be 6.3 or 6.4 Range. Can't say we would honestly be looking at anything too much larger.

NOW, here is the somewhat outdated EQ Podcast from early Friday that will not have San Pedro, CLICK Arrow to Listen:

Late on Thursday Night or probably actually very early on Friday morning, there was another big earthquake to also strike California in the form of that 4.2 downgraded to a 4.0 that struck up north of Lee Vining and just the other side of Mono Lake near the border with Nevada. So, there is now a lot going on in California as far as earthquake activity is concerned! Probably all the fault of the landfall of once huge Hurricane Amanda offshore of Mexico at Clarion Island. We had been watching as it lost a lot of strength when it reached cooler water, which it did. . . and then next crossed into what might also have been shallow water, but I'm right now looking at the possibility that the temperature change between that huge windstorm and that potentially (a lot) cooler water being affected by the huge warm air mass just could expand the water. (does water expand when it warms up?) Right at the moment that goes slightly beyond what I have the ability to calculate having just come from the movie JAWS at one of my local parks Outdoor Movie Night!!! Yes, and my phone just so happened to ring with that San Pedro Earthquake right there during the movie as Richard Dreyfus was busy trying to spear the Big Great White Shark, too!!!

So, WATCH California for more such earthquakes and possibly something as big as a 6.3 or 6.4 and I notice Oklahoma is getting a lot of shaking, too, and I have a note here that we should also add Texas to that list of places watching for 5 Richters. Oklahoma, New Madrid, Chicago-Northwest Suburbs, and Iceland are already on the list. Be Watching and Thank-You Again for Reading!!! EQ Guy

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