Friday, May 9, 2014

6.8 Richters Strikes Mexico!!! "Swarm" Almost Strikes at Wrightwood, California!!! WATCH For More!!!!! NOW Great Alaska EQ Podcast!!!

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Here is that felt report that by now you have heard so much about but probably have not yet clicked on! HERE You can probably RIGHT CLICK the link and open in a new window if that operation would help out your "Browser" @

Now if you have been keeping up with my daily EQ Blog you already knew that I mentioned in yesterdays EQ Blog that the 3.3 at the corner of Florence and Firestone Avenues in South Los Angeles would probably mean the tiny town of Wrightwood, California would be shaking next. . . here is what happened in the hours immediatly following that statement that you can go ahead and figure out the number of minutes and hours in between the two earthquakes, and between when I mentioned it and when it happened!!! Here's the 3 that add up to 4 Richters if that matters, and unless there were more in the series that I missed or were given different town names:

1.5 15km SE of Wrightwood, California 2014-05-09 01:14:24
1.2 15km SE of Wrightwood, California 2014-05-08 19:56:40
1.4 15km SE of Wrightwood, California 2014-05-08 19:50:32
1.4 15km SE of Wrightwood, California 2014-05-08 19:42:59
Updated at 11:30pm Pacific, they NOW add up to 5.5!!!!!

It will take me some time to collect all the information that I have written here up to this point in an effort to try to accurately pinpoint this possible upcoming earthquake, but until then I have located the original Official Prediction that covers the San Fernando Valley and Tijuana @ THERE is a link to the Amendment to that O.P., but it is mostly for the purposes of adding La Habra, and Eureka with mention of Vancouver Island due to knowing a lot of Earthquake Energy was headed up that way. . . prior to the 6.6 Vancouver Island Earthquake. WHEN it next became obvious Anchorage and Alaska was probably next, rather than update either of those, I decided to file a brand new and separate Official Prediction for Anchorage and Alaska, and of course then got all those earthquakes! I want to say that Official Prediction is about run-out, but we will have to let it continue on out of precaution just in case something could still shake up in that Alaska Region, but at this point they are all but a fading memory of what looks to me like it was a very accurate EQ Alert!!! Do keep watching just the same through the end date on that O.P., and it will end with the May 23 date that covers that original alert at the above link. Although the alert for Southern California has now been extended beyond that, I do not believe it will extend Alaska?

So, we will now continue to watch San Fernando, La Habra, Wrightwood, Vegas, and Tijuana for a few more days for more earthquakes and I want everybody reading to understand that there is still more earthquake energy coming behind these three Major Alerts that are now getting closer to expiring. The alerts for earthquake energy following a lot of tornadoes March 31 and April 10 along with some others, will continue on and I will have much more about that! Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

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