Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Great Alaska EQ Podcast!!! Correlation With Landers Earthquake Coming on Sunday!!! Full Moon Starting Tuesday! 5.5 Alaska JUST IN!

UPDATE: 5.5 Strikes 113 Miles Southwest of Anchorage, now Extend Official Prediction for Anchorage and Alaska Through June 1, 2014. Now Todays EQ Blog:

This weeks EQ Podcast, CLICK Arrow:
AND take a look at this swarm that struck near Anza, California from late Friday: MIGHT Right Click and open in a new window if it's easier.

Starting on June 14, 1992 until June 16, 1992 there was a huge "Tornado Outbreak" with 123 tornadoes that struck a lot of different places including Minnesota, Dakotas, Colorado, and Idaho. Many F-4 and F-5 tornadoes were included as a part of all this. THEN, on Day-14 following all the tornadoes California started to shake and the Landers Earthquake was the main event in all the resulting earthquake energy that most of my regular readers are already aware of! The Landers Earthquake of 7.3 Richters was followed about 3 hours later by the 6.5 Big Bear City Earthquake and the next day by a 5.7 Nevada Earthquake.

I am talking about our smaller series of earthquakes that struck Arkansas and Missouri on April 25, and 27, 2014 with a lot of damage as well. Now I want to say that whatever the amount of damage and enormous winds that took place in the 2014 event and knowing it probably was not as big as the 1992 event. . . we will still be looking at some earthquake energy heading for Landers, Big Bear City, and Nevada in a manner similar to how those earthquakes followed all the June 1992 earthquakes.

Day-14 after the April 25-27 Tornadoes will be May 11. And it will have to run a couple days representing the number of days over which the tornado activity took place. With the Full Moon being 12:19pm May 13 and the Full Moon Window starting Tuesday, May 12, 2014. So, starting immediately there will now be a greatly increased risk of Major Earthquake for Los Angeles, although the actual location of an earthquake would depend on the path on the ground of a tornado and we do not actually have a lot of accurate information along those lines. . . that's something we will need to have in the future in order to effectively do this. For now I am just mostly thinking Los Angeles because it was where the resultant from all the 1992 earthquakes struck.

So, this will also have to be extended into the May 2014 Full Moon Window for early next week in order to watch in case it will end up duplicating the Tornado/Landers Event which it most likely WILL DO. So, be watching for more earthquakes and also continue watching Richmond, New Madrid, and Oklahoma for something major to strike, too!!! And Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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