Saturday, May 17, 2014

LOTS of Shaking at Guadalupe!!! 6.0, 5.0, 4.8, 4.6, Etc.!!! Movie: GODZILLA=Awesome!!!

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Just said Antiqua and Barbuda in yesterdays EQ Blog and couldn’t hardly believe it on Friday when I notice a whole string of earthquakes at Guadalupe very near Antiqua and Barbuda and actually one place where regular felt reports come from anytime there are earthquakes out in that region. Although in all honesty I actually had the path on the ground for the El Reno Tornado and followed that straight line directly to Antiqua, and cannot always get path on the ground information for every tornado such as the ones we are trying to track at the present, therefore I will not be able to come up with too great of a guess as to where all the resulting earthquakes might be. You could say that 6.0 at Guadalupe was more or less just sort of a lucky guess considering.

There was also a tiny swarm at Hawthorne, Nevada but so small that it wasn't worth cutting and pasting all of them when a lot of them were under one anyways. Although it did occur to me that it was a lot of them and we were recording some kind of movement of something somewhere and so it has led to me knowing we are still watching for something, although I am not going to run the entire list of such small shakers even though I know a few of you do like to see those lists, you'll have to just trust me this time by telling you the vast majority of like 20 or 30 earthquakes at Hawthorne were under a one. And virtually none in just the few hours before I wrote this EQ Blog, either. But enough of them over a several hour period that you will probably be interested to know something IS going on in the California/Nevada Region.

So, today I completed my newest addition to my book "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" an Epilogue!!! It is in the Rough Draft stage, yet, with a few errors that will need to be corrected before I can attach it to my online version of the book, link at end of this blog as usual now! AND. . . probably the biggest news today is the opening of the new movie GODZILLA!!! Loved It!!! Awesome Movie!!! LOTS of Great Earthquake Scenes!!! EQ Guy gives it 5-Stars!!!!! And keep watching for more earthquakes there are still a couple EQ Alerts active for a while, yet! Richmond, New Madrid, Oklahoma, California and West Coast/Mexico. Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

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