Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SWARM Happening At Puerto Rico! 3.5, 22 Miles NNE of Tehachapi, and a 1.9 Malibu!!! Now Updated

Today we will be talking about the Amendment that I wrote and filed on what a lot of you will know as the other alert that has been going on while we watched Anchorage and Alaska. Yes, Anchorage was not the only alert that we were watching for over the recent period of time as we followed that particular movement of the Pacific, rather there was always that straight line of earthquake energy that was headed across the Pacific on a straight line towards the San Fernando Valley and Tijuana Region! Here is that Amendment:

So, along that lines I am now eyeing all the earthquakes that strike California carefully for indications that there is something going on there in an effort to have notice here before the potential biggest ones might strike! Right now as I'm writing that 3.5 up near Tehachapi and the 1.9 at Malibu along with a few others seems to indicate that there IS in fact some earthquake energy around. Here is the felt report from the 3.5 at Bodfish, California just north of Tehachapi:
Lake Isabella (93240)CA, United States of America.......1.....21 km
Onyx (93255)CA, United States of America..................2.....31 km
Tehachapi (93561)CA, United States of America...........3.....36 km
Weldon (93283)CA, United States of America...............1.....14 km

Although the biggest problem as of this writing seems to be that there is a HUGE amount of shaking going on at Puerto Rico! There is no doubt in my mind that this indicates there is some sort of movement with the tectonic plates especially since I had accurately guessed the movement of the North American Tectonic Plate in early 2010 following the Eureka 2010 Earthquake and it ended up being the Haiti Earthquake at the opposite corner of the plate in that case. . . now the opposite corner from Puerto Rico is San Francisco and Eureka!!! Mostly the TPJ, though. Here's the Puerto Rico Swarm Updated at 8pm Central: @

May 8 will be Day 38 and May 10 Day 40 after the landfall of T.C. Hellen at Madagascar and so it has occurred to me that as a precaution let's continue to watch a few additional days like until Day 43 being May 12 or next Monday and something should actually shake Southern California before then because we will also have to let the San Fernando/Tijuana Alert go after that due mostly to it running its mathamatical course at that point. BUT we will still have to watch right up to that date. . . and the full moon will be just a day or so after that date, so. . . . .

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